"Letting Thoughts Go" First Blog Post

Hello internet people

Very, very good afternoon, I am very happy to tell you and welcome you to what my blog will be from now on, a space that I create to display and deposit my thoughts.
A small section added to my online site where you can have access to all the information that I will find on my way. On a spiritual, artistic, and sometimes even life level... a lot of the information, inspiration, or recommendations that I found on my way was and is of great help. Not to say many times vital...

For these reasons, I didn't want to stop sharing something that did me good, maybe it can do you good too.

Everything that will be written here is to provide you with help, support, or inspiration ✨

I hope you like it, and here is the first entry.

Title: "Letting Thoughts Go"

Your mind is like a calm lake.
Each thought is a drop of rain that, when falling, creates a ripple on the surface of the water. If it rains very hard or there is a lot of wind, the lake can become so cloudy that we cannot see what is at the bottom. But the lake can always be serene again. As we train our minds, there are fewer and fewer waves. And as the surface of the lake is still, it's easier to see than down there. Sometimes we will like what we see and other times not so much. And although it can be not very encouraging to enter things that we do not like. It's an important step in learning to let go. Accepting what is on our mind also helps us not to be so hard on ourselves. It can even help us not to be so harsh with others, and to start feeling more comfortable with our lives. And even have more harmonious, healthy, and natural relationships.
To create a better way to connect with our contour too ✨

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